The Old License Farm
Bjorn Larsen
P.O. Box 25
Marysville, WA 98270
For over a decade the Old License Farm has prided ourselves in the quality of old plate restorations for our customers in the State of Washington. Due to popular demand we now have expanded our services to include most US States. Please contact us for specific state coverage.

Collectors and vintage enthusiasts throughout the Nation can now take advantage of our quality repair and restoration services. Our restoration process is directed by Bjorn Larsen.  A dedicated vehicle restoration specialist with many years of experience in the art.

A restoration of original plates is a valued investment for owners of restored vehicles. Rest assured, whether you purchase a plate from us or send your own in for restoration, you will receive the best quality restoration possible. Although some plates may not be restorable, most are. Our detailed attention to structure quality, DMV approved stock color matching and fine finishing is GUARANTEED!

We can restore virtually any plate or tag that has all raised letterings, numbers and raised graphics.  We do not restore newer style plates that include pictures, lipstick writing and other  flat graphics.

Each and every plate routes through the full restoration process which includes:

Complete removal of all old paint, glue and other contaminants to provide the most adhesive painting surface possible

Small dents, small cracks, bends and small holes are repaired.

Plates are prepped with a smooth bonding primer coat, and several coats of quality background and letter paint is applied.

A clear protective sealing procedure is applied to give your plates an outstanding shiny finish.


The Standard price for restoration of a  plate in reasonably restorable condition starts at $70.00 + shipping and insurance.  Motorcycle plates are $50.00 and metal year tabs are $20.00

Volume discounts may be available for larger orders.

Additional significant repairs may cost and additional $20 - $30, but this is fairly rare.    These would include:

After your plates are received, we will analyze them for restoration.  Any additional costs to the standard restoration price will not be applied or the work undertaken without the explicit consent of the customer. 

Most all plates we receive are restorable under the standard rate.  Custom colors other than stock state colors may be slightly higher also.  We however can not be held responsible for any damages, civil or criminal penalties or loss due to the display of custom colored plates on any vehicle.  Show vehicles are usually OK with custom colors, but daily drivers may not be.  Please check with your local Law Enforcement authorities.
Severe Dents

Severe Tears

Flattened Letters

Heavy Rust Through
As this is our busiest time of year, we are unable to provide a specific listing of our stock.   Don't hesitate however to call or e-mail us for pricing and availability of plates.

If you want the best for your old plate restoration project we provide it.
For details on ordering plates or restoration services please visit our CONTACT page.